hang onto your ego

Well, after a lovely round of rejection letters from firms far and wide, I’ve decided to take a big step back from the job search and return my focus to classes and my article. I’m out of money (from airfares), out of energy, and out of ideas. I’ve pulled every string I got, called every person I can think of, and finagled a few interviews but the response is the same. Great resume but your grades suck. Sorry, you’re not what we’re looking for. Thanks, I really needed to spend $600+ in airfares to figure that out. We could’ve hashed that out over the phone. While I have entertained thoughts of bumming on futons in LA (thanks Jess), housesitting in Ithaca, NY (Derrick, I know I was just assumming…), hiding out in a dark basement in the Pacific NW, I’ve already been refused squatting rights in Baltimore, which really brings me back to obvious point, which is: as nice as a true summer vacation might be, blowing off my 2L summer completely is near career suicide, at least in the short term. The more sobering reality is that I haven’t had a real summer of unemployment since I was 14, so if I can’t find a job with lots more education (and gobs more debt), then well I really am up s*** creek with no paddle.

But hopefully this posting will be my last shard of self-pity (at least for now). Thankfully, I don’t have many friends around to let me wallow in it…a couple of quick kicks to the head (via email and over the phone), resulted in a more productive evening. The sudafed (which I had to sign my life away for at the local Target, thanks to all the meth labs out there making cold medicine damn near impossible to get) and my new vaporizer certainly helped. (My first choice humidifier was outta stock at the local Target. sniffle, sniffle.) And then there was lovely news via email about a possible invite to a rather special house on Pennsylvania Avenue. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed.) Finally rounding out the list of things making me feel better was listening to a certain Beach Boys ditty that a very clairvoyant Jeff put on a thoughtful mix CD, knowing that I was most certainly going to have one of these “moments” this fall.

On a completely unrelated note, yesterday marked the passing of a Civil Rights legend.


3 responses to “hang onto your ego

  1. somewhat rare, previously unreleased Beach Boys ditty at that… the final pressed version had the chorus and title changed altogether to, “I Know There’s an Answer”… too emo and nowhere near the stark applicability of the previous title. Is ‘applicability’ even a word?

  2. hang in there, sara. i know it’s been tough, but things are going to work out for you, babe. if all else fails, you can come hang out w/ me in seattle and we’ll drink coffee & gnosh on vegan pastries @ the coffee messiah. 🙂 love ya!

  3. the great najaas returns!!

    Hey, I share your woes. I am struggling to keep my grades up with little help from my supposedly great professors. Nice people, but 2 out of 3 are crummy teachers.

    $30,000 to get an education weaker than one I could have gotten at Rutgers for $5000. 😦

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