braised beef (this law school is built on a bed of lies)

So the joys of law students are few and far between. On top of rarely getting out to see the light of day, I’m subjected to a very paltry and depressing selection of places to eat, when I forget to bring a lunch or when I’m trapped here all hours. (What saddens me even more is that the number of food options here has probably doubled in the past four years, so I can only imagine what people were doing before then. Probably hunting and gathering.)
One by one, I’ve ruled out my food options as I’ve become tired of giving up my hard-won student loan dollars to various establishments. I will die a happy woman if I never eat another Chipotle burrito or another Quiznos sub. As of yesterday, I can now also add to the list of blacklisted places Noodles & Company. I admit I am a sucker for advertising so inevitably, I was lured into trying their new “braised beef and gnocchi,” which is easily the worst decision I’ve made all week. (In my defense, a) I love gnocchi, b) I’ve tried just about everything else there and it was at least passable, c) they had damn good advertising.) Imagine dinty moore beef stew poured onto overboiled, insipid gnocchi. Then imagine that mixture heavily salted, but deceptively hidden under a pretty sprinkling of fresh parsley and peppers. I was, I am outraged. This, coming from a girl who has eaten TV dinners almost exclusively for the last week.
In spite of my beef stew woes, life seems surprisingly stable. I’m getting better at taking rejections, although I know I’m not completely immune from it b/c I’ve been avoiding my mailbox the past couple of days. I have insane amounts of work to do, but that’s nothing new. I’ve been trying to block out a good chunk of time to work on my article, but to no avail. At least I have Thai food to look forward to tonight and Broken Social Scene tomorrow night at First Avenue.
The countdown to my birthday begins…Stacey’s already booked Darren and Sonia for my birthday dinner so it promises to be an awesome evening of food and long, rambling stories beginning “So my buddy and I were….” Still nervously awaiting news whether Jeff will be able to escape for a few days to join in the festivities. I can’t believe I will be 26….I feel more like 12 and/or 65.

Birthday wishes to Alex, who is *ONLY* 25 today and a shout out to Jess who is in NY this weekend to celebrate. Wish I was there…..


2 responses to “braised beef (this law school is built on a bed of lies)

  1. Here is an early Birthday wish to you!! Party hearty and beat away the cold with some heafty beers and something warm….

  2. chicklet, if the meal was THAT bad, i hope you didn’t pay for it!!! dinty moore beef stew is GROSS!!! bleck!

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