There but for the grace of God go I

Today was the last day of corporations and I have to admit to being a tiny bit sad. In a building full of miserable people making each other miserable it’s really refreshing to see someone who loves their job, puts a lot of thought into teaching, and who really wants to see all his students succeed (even us lowly ones at the bottom of the GPA barrel).

The professor’s parting words to us was (Scary, how he basically covered my first year in seven salient points):

Here are my top 7 reasons why you may get disillusioned with the law. (I’m sure all of you can think of ten just off the top of your heads, but here’s my top 7.)

7. You’ve lost your self esteem.
(The entire premise of a legal education has been that your mind is mush and if you’re lucky, I might mold it for you. I hope you haven’t felt that way about this class, but whenever you feel discouraged, remember, you didn’t get here on luck alone.)
6. You’ve lost your sense of humility.
(This may have something to do with the fact that lawyers often think they’re God.)
5. You’ve lost your sense of humor.
(This is easy to do when you’re up at 2 AM reading commas wondering why and how you got there in the first place. Although you do a lot of that here, with any luck, you’ll get big bucks to do that down the road.)
4. You’ve lost touch with your friends and family.
(I’m sure that many of your friends and family can attest to how first year basically killed your ability to converse normally with other humans. But don’t lose touch with your friends and family. They’re also another big reason you made it here.)
3. You’ve lost your sense of faith.
(See point 6. But seriously, I try to get up every morning feeling very lucky and very thankful for everything I have and I know those things aren’t all my own doing.)
2. You’ve lost my phone numbers/email address.
(Seriously, if you’re in a jam with your career or with some legal puzzle, you should call or email me. Your success if my success. Sorry, that’s my economic background talking but you should know by now that the whole world runs off of personal self interest.)
1. You’ve become a litigator.
(Well, I’m really sorry about that but there’s nothing I can do for you there.)


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