one down, two more go go

Apologies for the infrequent posting, although I know this only applies to the four people who periodically check up on this page. B/t getting my article out (sort of) and cramming furious for finals and battling my landlord about my obnoxiously loud neighbor, I’ve been in fairly low spirits. Still, I did just wrap up my tax exam and I feel like a veil has been lifted. Don’t get me wrong. That test was ****in’ hard as hell. I’d finished the multiple choice section (80% of the exam) with over an hour to spare, then I got locked out of my computer and was so befuddled by the short answer portion that I sat there for TWENTY MINUTES b/f I even wrote a word. For those of you who haven’t experienced the sheer terror of the time crunch in law school sitting on your duff for 20 minutes doing nada is just bone-chilling. (I’ve had lesser adrenaline rushes in serious car accidents, encounters with strange men near dark alleys, etc. Tells you that I’m one sick puppy–that I stare death in the face but I flip out in the middle of flippin’ four exam.) Still, b/t this and the disaster of my corporations final, I feel like I can face whatever’s left. It can only get better.

I’m headed home on Saturday and am excited about seeing the fam, getting away from noisy apartment, and breaking out the knitting needles for a host of projects! I’ve already started on the arms and ears of this little baby. Been feeling really guilty about it too but there’s really only so many hours you can stare into your tax book before you have to do something tangible. I’ll only have a few days to myself at home before I have to redirect my attention to my article (and maybe some job applications too) but I’m already psyched about plans to knit gifts for the fam. (I just hope they appreciate them b/c all I can afford this year are hand-made gifts of love). A Kate for the sister, some mitts for Dad, and a lovely cable trimmed hat for Mom. Let’s just hope I make the Christmas deadline. (Oh, my life is all deadlines now).

Good luck to all with finals! 😉

One response to “one down, two more go go

  1. the silent observer

    hey ms. knitting queen…I was at Liberty today, looking at all the Rowan Yarn they have…and I thought of you…maybe, if you’re luckly, you might find a skein or two winding their way to you…

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