otis jr.

So I’ve spent the past week battling the worst flu of my life + a vicious sinus infection and somewhere in my sudafed/dayquil/nyquil/advil induced haze, Christmas came and went. It was very low-key this year with the bros out east and the entire family here (in the NW) battling some variant of the flu strain that decimated most of my vacation. Day four of fevers and chills and all hopes of making law review deadlines went out the window. (as did all hopes of publication). Still it’s been good times catching up with the family, watching lots of movies (the only “productive” thing I could eke out), and “fun” reading. Still haven’t caught up with HS friends, revisited all my favorite local haunts, or worked on that dag-gone article, but oh well…such is winter break. I always overplan and think I’m going to get so much done.

I did manage to do a little knitting yesterday (no, you’re not seeing double!):

Otis Sr. and Otis Jr.

Pattern–“Kate” from Winter ’05 Knitty
Yarn–various leftover yarn from other projects–Cascade 220, Plymouth something-or-other, and yarn from a sale bin in SF
Needles–Otis Sr. was knit on No. 8 needles and Otis Jr. was knit on No. 6 needles.
Construction: Possibly understuffed the first one and overstuffed the second one. (Third times the charm?) I couldn’t find the eyes the pattern recommended so I sewed on crystal beads I found at the local craft store.
Labels (Otis Jr. still needs one)–courtesy of Heirloom Woven Labels–well-made custom labels at pretty reasonable prices (the only downside is that they take a while, especially when your order has to be sent back to the factory b/c of a manufacturing error)
Name(s)–after my favorite cat
Homes–My sister has already laid claim to the first one (and she’s already requested that I make Otis a sister) and the second one will be making his way to Baltimore this weekend.



One response to “otis jr.

  1. the silent observer

    I love the otis(es)…and I think you should make a full army…D(2) promises to mail you some stuff once he returns to Ithaca…

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