by way of analogy

I’ve finally hit on it. Going to law school is like buying an old house. Some people tell you it’s a good opportunity (they romanticize it) but most people will try to dissaude you (tell you you’re making a big mistake). It’s a big investment. A lot of surprises along the way. It can be a big burden, tying you down to one place and a sometimes rigid path, potentially for your entire life. It kills spontaneity…you can’t just pick up and move just b/c you feel like it. It’s stupidly expensive even with generous lending and historically low interest rates. And terms of repayment run into several years. Most of all, it can be a risky investment that may or may not pay off in the long run. Its benefits are dependant on the state of the markets…how much the market will bear, etc. And yes, it’s all about the long run. (And damn it, I have no patience whatsoever).


3 responses to “by way of analogy

  1. the silent observer

    You forgot to mention the fact that, sometimes, in remodelling, you need to call in experts, to take over and take care of you…

  2. I found your blog by way of the silent observer. Would you be one certain asian-american fellow Hoya alum, who once shared habitat with the genetic half of silent observer, and who’s surname sounds an awful like spoon? Have you been back to the Emerald City lately? I like it quite a bit 🙂

  3. but… in both cases… you’re welcome to scream as loud as you want.

    in a house, no one can hear, and in law school no one cares.

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