whaddya want a cookie? (a ghetto mama’s justification)

Well, there are those days you wake up and you realize that “hey, maybe Mom was right about something.” Lesson #1–There are a lot of asshats out there and it’s a good idea to steer clear of them when possible. Alas, I got a little caught up in the smoke and mirrors. Lesson #2 from the Mom–When you decide you are gonna burn a bridge with someone, douse the thing in 200 gallons of gasoline and torch the m—–******.

Conclusion #1–Chances are if someone rewrote history once, that person will do it again and again. And each retelling that person will sound better and better.

Conclusion #2/Reminder to self–Lord help me if I decide someday to treat someone poorly and a) justify it with money and/or b) justify it with the argument that I could’ve treated them a lot worse.

Conclusion #3–I have issues with power dynamics and will have to move a long way to address them properly if I don’t want to repeat this messy lesson. (i.e. Notwithstanding that other person has *serious* issues, I am at least partly to blame for this excess baggage I’m carrying right now).

Reference to random children’s book–I picked up a copy of
Zen Shorts the other day. Lovely, lovely children’s book. Anyway, lots of life lessons I could’ve applied to this situation.

And Woops…broke Lesson #3 from Mom–Never say anything bad about someone else (even if they’re unnamed) b/c you never know when it’s gonna get back to that person or when you might need that person’s help.

Sorry Mom…


One response to “whaddya want a cookie? (a ghetto mama’s justification)

  1. the silent observer

    ouch…what happened, kiddo? Sorry to hear it had to come to that…

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