oh mondale…

A belated Valentines Day to all! I know it’s a manufactured ploy of a holiday created by the American greeting card industry to make men everywhere feel guilty and single women dejected. That aside, I try to use over-commercialized to show the special folks in my life that I care without resorting to pre-fab nonsense. (Take that Hallmark!) I spent a few hours in the kitchen last weekend tinkering with champagne and lots of dark chocolate to make champagne brownies. Some spare boxes, an early morning Saturday expedition to the Post Office, and by Monday brownie love was on both coasts. It was fun experiment (and I know the recipients are enjoying the fruits of my labor), but I also learned a few things too:

1. The recipe recommends a 9×9 pan. They mean it. 8×8 proved to be a bit messy and it took a lot longer to bake.
2. Round 2 I halved the recipe, poured it into an 8×8 pan and they turned out perfectly. Yeah, they weren’t as tall or dense but they were still fantastically fudgey.
3. Patience is a virtue–wait til these babies are COLD to cut them and use a knife dipped in hot water (and dried) b/t each cut to make nice even cuts. 4. Champagne jelly is alright if you can get it but I found that I could easily use the leftover champagne (after I’d toasted my culinary success with a glass to celebrate) to make a fine glaze myself. 1 cup champagne + 1 1/4 cup sugar + 1/2 tsp. of vinegar. Bring to a boil, cut down the heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes until you have a reduced but still fairly runny consistency b/c it will thicken if you let it stand for a bit. Brush on warm brownies and voila!

Contrast my fun weekend with this week. Work, work, work!! (With a small break to start my new yoga class…which I LOVE!)

You know you’re at the law school too much when:

1. The security guard asks you if you have a life?
2. The janitor looks at you with pity when he comes by to the empty the garbage cans in the Law Revew office and realizes, “oh, it’s you again.”
3. I can feel my butt growing roots into the library chairs.
4. When I leave the library, only the die-hard Asian kids are still around.
5. I’m battling the early stages of what I can only assume is muscle atrophy.

Alas, tonight will likely another late night here at the law school as I’m still catching up on some projects and readings. Tomorrow, it’s lots of classes and then I hop on a plane to go to DC and continue the job hunt! (Wish me luck!!)

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  1. oh, brownies.

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