back to life, back to reality

Well, where else should one be but at the library on a Saturday morning up to one’s eyeballs in Law Review? I think I enjoyed my mid-winter break too much so getting back into the groove of things here has been damn near impossible, all culminating in one of those disastrous days where everything that can go wrong, does and then some. I was stuck at school well past the time the security guard showed up for the night. I was starving by the time I went home, so I bagged on a show I was supposed to go to with a friend, turned the ringer of my cell phone off, and jumped into the kitchen. 1/2 an hour, with the assistance of my beat up frydaddy jr., I had a pipin’ hot batch of coconut chicken strips. (Jeff will tell you that despite my food-snobbish ways, I still have room in my heart for some not-so-chic foods.) Oh comfort food! (But it wasn’t all unhealthy…I did have a large salad to go with it).

The trip to DC was fantastic and by next week, I may be gainfully employed for the summer. (Keep your fingers crossed.) Jeff and I got to spend a lot of quality time together, which I think we both enjoyed since we’ve both been working on very insane schedules. And of course, I always enjoy seeing Otis and Shirley, who now recognize me as a regular visitor. (Cute pictures of Otis forthcoming…) Jeff is en route to New Orleans this weekend for family time + Mardi Gras (lucky bastard!), but I’m super-psyched b/c he’ll be here next weekend! So I must work extra hard between now and then to ensure we can really enjoy next weekend…especially b/c we probably won’t get to see each other again until I return to DC in May. *sigh* I feel like I spend too much of my life getting from one place to the next. I need a teleporter…


One response to “back to life, back to reality

  1. the silent observer

    I am crossing my fingers for you kiddo!!!!

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