of cats and fine hand-knits

Well, as you know school pretty much always sucks but I’ve been working hard (perhaps too hard) to have a life outside of law school this year. Mostly, this has taken the form of knitting and trips to visit loved ones on both coasts. So here’s a recent recap in pictures:

I had some handspun stuff I got during a trip to San Francisco a few summers ago. It wasn’t doing much for me in cream so I thought it would be a perfect chance to experiment with a little dying at home.

Kool-Aid dying at home
Black cherry Kool-aid isn’t only good to drink, it also yields a marvelous shade of dark pink. Inspiration came after reading Knitty’s tutorial on Kool-aid dying techniques. (A rarity in the knitting world–the article was spot on with lots of detailed instructions, meaning that the whole experiment came off w/o a hitch).

the yarns side-by-side before and after
Look Mom, sugar free!! đŸ˜‰ Current plans are to blend this with ribbon yarn for a funky scarf. Can’t commit to a stitch pattern. Had 2×2 rib going for a while but ripped it out in favor of herringbone rib which proved to be two unwieldy with two bulky yarns knit together.

Major knitting accomplishment of the semester –the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
The book has serious errors and I wish I’d had the good sense to do my research beforehand on-line because it would’ve saved me a ton of time. Jeff witnessed my utter disappointment when I realized upon completion (the 1st time) that all the raglan decreases were misplaced and the sleeves were crooked. I exercised great restraint and patience to rip out and reknit instead of turning it into a very expensive cat blanket for Otis. (Otis likes soft things). I think this is the first truly practical sweater I’ve knitted–i.e. one that I’ll wear often because it’s soft and super functional.

New Project! (YAY!)
Feeling inspired after my last sweater success I decided to tackle something besides stockinette stitch to keep myself interested (and/or frustrated). So I’ve embarked on my first major cabled project which is the shawl collared sweater pictured on Debbie Bliss #5. I’m about 60% through the first sleeve, which I decided to start off with to brush up on my cabling skills before I work on the larger front and back panels. It won’t be as soft as the hourglass sweater but Wool of the Andes (Knitpicks is my new favorite place to get yarn!) does well with cables. For some reason this sweater makes me think of Mr. Rogers, so this project will heretofore be known as the “Mr. Rogers sweater.”

Rowan and Paul Frank!?
(The Yees know me so well!)
At this point, you’re probably wondering when do I get my studying in? Well, we’ll leave that one for another post. Dwight, well aware of my knitting addiction, is now only encouraging my knitting junkie ways by feeding me luscious Rowan yarns from the UK. I don’t know which Yee to credit the funky Paul Frank bag to, but I know it will become my new favorite bag for my knits when I’m on the road. I’m still contemplating the best use for the yarn. I’d love to run out and buy more yarn to make it into a nice bulky turtleneck but I think that would break the dwindling yarn budget for sure.

Face-off with le Otis!
Of course, I can’t return from a trip to see Jeff without a picture of his cats? Otis, the little ham, is pretending to be bashful here but in reality he’s a real camera-whore. I keep thinking I’d like to get a cat but then I remind myself that even after two weeks away from Otis, I still find his little cat hairs on my stuff. I should get a picture with Jeff on here soon…you’d think with all the cat cameos Shirley and Otis have made on here, I went to Baltimore to see them and not Jeff. (Rest assured Jeff, you’re the one I want to see!!)

Speaking of which, Jeff will be out here in 48 hours and I’m elated. Frankly it’s the only thing getting me through this miserable week of evil people and unforgiving deadlines. I can’t wait for summer!!

3 responses to “of cats and fine hand-knits

  1. the silent observer

    Ms. Flan…the bag was from the NY Yee…:)

  2. Looks like you’re in luck. I head to england on the 16th and can pick up more of the yarn. Just send me the dye number and we’ll look for it.


  3. i’m totally lusting after your dyeing project and that cute sweater. i haven’t knit or crocheted in months now and it’s starting to get to me. –heather

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