your sabbatical is on fire

First week back post-spring-break has proven to be a whirlwind experience. Total slackerdom over break came back to kick me in the ass as I frantically tried to stay on top of long reading assignments and research assistant deadlines. I am still catching up on sleep and sanity but both have proven fleeting. Nonetheless, things sorta gelled together this week. I went from utter uncertainty about the year ahead of me to having most of the next 12 months mapped out (albeit roughly) in a matter of three days. The redux?

1) Summer job in DC settled; offer letter in hand and dates marked off on the calendar. I will not bore you with the details but the job is legal and it pays. (On my list of things to do that qualifies as a check, check.) Am looking forward to am looking forward to having a full-time job (and its attendant paychecks), a full-time boyfriend (who I am missing very much these days), and a fabulous summer. (A lot of my fellow hoyas will be back in town this summer and I can’t wait to catch up with people over drinks at the Tombs.)
2) Semester in Dublin is more or less settled. I’ve committed to going with details and precise financing pending. People, mark your calendars for Spring ’07. I expect that you will all be paying me a visit. (I *am* your excuse to go to Ireland!)
3) Reunion with long lost brother en route to San Francisco. We spent an amusing afternoon at the Mall of America, catching up, shopping for friends and family, and marveling at the remarkability of legos and amusement parks inside shopping malls. Dinner with extended family at local mediocre Korean restaurant followed. Always an interesting experience as QT with my uncle provides me into much insight into my sometimes mysterious mother. Thinking positive thoughts of safe travel for the bro’ who left this morning for his next stop, Billings, MT.
4) Georgetown’s loss to Floriday last = devastating. Then again, if I’d been productive enough this year to put together a bracket, I wouldn’t have had the hoyas going as far as the Sweet 16, so go Georgetown!
5) Local expedition to find legit French macaroons proved wholely unsuccessful. First off, Patrick’s French Bakery only sells them at one location and conveniently it was not the first one I stopped at. Finding my way through the nonsensical streets of Minneapolis to that location, proved to be a frustrating experience (again). In a fit of low blood sugar, I purchased a dozen macaroons the size of my head. Not bad tasting but size and consistency were somewhat off. Am feeling remorseful for $15.50 poorly spent.
6) Am desperately coveting a pair of Earth Shoes. Have heard widely varying opinions, ranging from “they’re the best shoes I’ve ever had” to “they will f*** up your posture forever.” I tried on a pair recently at the local Marshall Fields and found them to be delightful. Am puzzled by recent interest in Crocs. Saw knock-off pairs at Payless the other day. Had considered buying a pair in December but Jeff convinced me that buying shoes with holes in them is a stupid idea in the dead of a Minnesota winter. Decision to buy said shoes is even stupider in March considering how much snow we’ve been getting.
7) Despite several recent trips to local shopping malls, I’ve sworn off major purchases, clothing, etc. Want to get rid of as many things as possible b/f the my trek over the Atlantic next spring. Posted a bunch of books and CDs on Other things will probably hit Ebay in the next several week.

Saturdays rule….

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