sugary goodness restores faith in humanity

(the british duo)
Perhaps happiness is not so elusive. A near two year stint in law school has damaged (if not completely destroyed) my faith in humanity, so imagine my surprise (and glee!) when I came home recently to a bright parcel from the UK–it was the long-awaited package from my candyswap partner! I recently participated in an online candyswap b/c I love sugar, I love getting packages, and I’m a big food nerd. The basic terms of the swap–$10 limit for domestic folks and $15 for international folks; theme–regional candies. I was very fortunate to get someone from the UK on my first swap (since I LOVE European candies) and Hannah really just went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Not only did she send me tons of awesome candy, she *made* this adorable (and appropriately candy themed) bag for my treats! (To the right of the bag is a recent knitting feat. The completed back of the aptly named “Hope” sweater from Rowan No. 29 using “Knitpicks Mainline” cotton blend. This is one of two cabled sweaters I’m working on–one winter and one summer to relieve me of my stockinette stitch boredom. My goal is to finish this one before I reach DC in mid-May; I want to have it around to wear on cooler nights at the beach.)

(look inside the bag!)
Seriously people, this is the sort of happy haul that makes me dance around my apartment in sugar-fueled glee! Several of the treats have a healthy dose of hazelnuts, which I absolutely adore (especially with chocolate). The bag with pink stripes contains these lovely faux “mushroom treats from Marks & Spencer. Clever little treats really–the stem of the “mushroom” is a mini marshmallow and the “mushroom” cap is this chocolate concoction and the whole thing is sprinkled with coconut. Brilliant!

(kinder, kinder, kinder!)
But the best part of all, the thing that just absolutely made my week was the “kinder mini mix”! It was the first part of the stash that I raided. The “happy hippo” was almost too cute to eat but after I put together the prize in my kinder egg, he (unfortunately) met an untimely (albeit tastey!) demise. I am trying to exercise some serious restraint to not just make myself sick eating the rest of candies, but it’s made my morning coffee routine a lot more fun. Coffee and chocolate for breakfast!? Who says being an adults no fun!? As if I haven’t had enough fun snail-mail this week, Jeff’s promised that I have a little surprise (sort of) coming my way. My feet are happily waiting!

Go out and spread a little happiness with sugar everyone!

One response to “sugary goodness restores faith in humanity

  1. the silent observer

    Hey girlio…send me a list of your favorites…I can always pick some up for you…after all, I can just go around the corner…

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