the dark vast…

Slowdown of posts due largely to a lack of inspiration, time, internet access, and lack of motivation to do much of anything. Big things are moving about (albeit mostly in my head) as I steel myself to get ready for another grueling round of finals. I’ve managed to fit in sparse amounts of knitting and cooking here and there, but I’ve also been battling severe exhaustion as I come out of the sun-deprived-seasonally affected-winter-haze. I grudgingly conceded an hour to daylights savings time but am now appreciating the later sunsets. I really adore sunlight. Makes me think that I might just make it to summer? (FREEDOM!)

After a wave of exuberant planning, I’m now currently on the fence about going to Dublin next spring. As much as I resent my legal education at times, I feel that I might (strangely) benefit from finishing what I’ve started here. And so that raises other issues about next year that I’m too exhausted at this point to face.

Without going into all the nitty gritty, the truth is I’m terribly, terribly sad about a number of things and that’s really just starting to wear me out. Really. Candy, yoga, knitting, cooking, good friends have helped me through the really awful days, but as of late I feel quite out of sync with the world around me. I’m hoping that the bone-crushing workload in the coming weeks will lift me out of my slump and keep my mind occupied until I have the time, wherewithal, and support to deal with things this summer. In the meantime, I am eternally grateful to those few who’ve been there with bits of support through kind emails, phone calls, and other little surprises. It’s been an enormous help through this lonely, busy period of my life.

I promise a lighter post soon…


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