a kick in the pants

When I grow up, I wanna be just like my friend Vanessa…her recent foodie adventures have given new meaning to the phrase balls to the wall.

I’ve recently discovered the sleep function on my TV…a nice little way to doze off at night after a long day at school. In a final fit of hysteria related to my asshole neighbors, I moved my mattress into my living room, took apart my bed frame, moved my futon into my bedroom, and am now using my bedroom strictly as storage. My one bedroom turned studio apartment has actually been a pleasant arranagement, minus waking up to the sounds of morning construction next door (my other neighbors, yay!).

School marches along in truly maddening fashion marked last night by what will be the first in a series of anxiety-related law school nightmares. (You know–dorky stuff like showing up with no No.2 pencils, finishing an entire scantron five minutes before an exam is over only to realize you’ve bubbled the whole damn thing incorrectly. If you think that’s nuts, you should’ve seen my freak out last semester when my computer died in the middle of my tax final.) Hard to believe that this will all be over in just a few short weeks and I can leave it all behind for happier times in DC. I’m hoping that all my friends and loved ones don’t disown me in the meantime…I anticipate not being a lot of fun the next few weeks.

This weekend, finals be damned, I’m making time to see Ladytron at First Avenue with my cooler, good music lovin’ classmates. It’ll be a welcome break from the usual library doldrums. Otherwise, minor progress in the way of knitting and such but no pictures to post just yet.

Finally, in a fit of procrastination, I decided to take up Jess’s suggestion and put up a myspace profile.

Back to the books!

One response to “a kick in the pants

  1. the silent observer

    Myspace…let the new wave of stalking begin….

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