Big Brother is watching.

Good thing this blog is relatively tame. 😉

Exam madness starts this week. Trying to minimize caffeine consumption and massive tweak outs! (Keep your fingers crossed for me.)

I have a sweater (all the pieces aren knitted and blocked!) that is ready to be seamed but since I find seaming to be the most frustrating part of knitting I am going to put that off until cooler heads can prevail, i.e. after I’m done with these damn finals. Damn finals!

Mucho, mega congratulations to my friend Katie who just got into a pharmacology/toxicology program. I know she worked hard for it so I could not be prouder. (I’ve talked another person out of going to law school…hehehehe!)

ok…worky worky!


2 responses to “careful…

  1. merci beaucoup… 🙂 yes, i guess this does mean no law school for me, huh? 😉 good luck w/ finals! and hopefully *crosses fingers* i’ll be visiting you in dublin!!! and the big brother thing– creeeeeeepy!!!

  2. the silent observer

    damn…I guess I need to take down that escort profile…

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