Well, I made it (sort of)…I’m one year closer to getting a JD. I spent a few days recovering over premium sushi, pomegrante martinis, and loads of TV, knitting, and chocolate. The past 48 hours have been consumed by furious packing, cleaning, throwing out of junk, and profuse cursing (largely related to heavy lifting). The remainder of the week will be consumed by furious packing and hopefully less cursing. Frustrations aside, I’m pretty low key about this move. (Those of you who know me well are probably in disbelief right now). Honestly, I hate my apartment so much right now I couldn’t get outta here faster. Ever since the place came under new management, it’s been a total scam. Even without the obnoxiously loud neighbors I might not be terribly inclined to stick around.

I had some pictures from my successful Crafty Planet excursion on Friday but I left my camera at home so I’ll have to post them later.

I am despserately looking forward to spending a summer in a nice, quiet house with friends (and a dog!) and spending quality time with Jeff.


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