do you realize?

The month of May has been a whirlwind…a force of the terribly good and the terribly bad. By some miracle, I successfully moved out of my apartment last week, dumped all my stuff into storage, and jumped into the trusty Subaru to haul ass to DC. Needless to say I wasn’t exactly in a super rational mindset when Jeff and I decided that the drive from Madison, WI to Baltimore, MD was doable…in a day OR when I hatched said plan over a 10 PM dinner at the Cracker Barrel in Washington, PA. Driving through the windy roads of WV at 1 AM after 14+ hours of driving was quite the challenge, even with a trusty co-pilot. Jeff, to his credit, was simply awesome. Anyone who is willing to help me move cross-country (again) and not kill me after 12+ hours in a car with me deserves at least a nomination for sainthood. Not to say that I’m a total nightmare to travel with…I fare reasonably well on long road-trips but I admit that I’m a total pain in the ass when it comes to moving (ask Jess for extensive testimonials).

All the crap of 2L, finals, and move (that went surprisingly smoothly, no thanks to all the lame-o’s that “promised” to help out but flaked out) behind me, it’s been absolute bliss to return to the fair city of my formative years, to regain my extensive support network, and to figure out how to maximize QT with Jeff b/f I trek back to the midwest. Strangely though, I’ve returned to the splendid capital with a more critical eye (blame all my time in Baltimore) and don’t find the District to be nearly as charming and magical as I once did. Then again, I’ve barely spent any time in the city thus far…with my only trek from Alexandria consisting of a tour of DC’s best gay bars. (Perhaps not the most representative sample of how DC ticks). We shall see what a summer of gainful employment, some routine, and good friends will do to change my mind.


One response to “do you realize?

  1. Yeah…moving with Sara is, um, fun :o)

    The road-trip was super-awesome (no snarky sarcasm required). Of course, I think the worst day we had was 12 hours across Nebraska in a thunderstorm (accompanied by a very biblical number of smooshed bugs on my car).

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