So far the return to work life has been manageable. I recall now that:
a) while I may not be a morning person, I’m most definitely not a mid-afternoon person. I neeed to move to a country with a siesta!!
b) I abhor fluorescent lighting and ceiling tiles.
c) Nice offices have cool coffee machines, i.e. one with individual pods that make freshly brewed cups!
d) Even ergonomic chairs get a bit uncomfortable by 3 PM.
e) I must get to bed before 1 AM if I’m to be functional 12 hours later.

In a strange fit of disorientation, I fell into such a deep sleep after work today and bolted out of bed thinking that it was 8:45 AM instead of 8:45 PM.

Believe it or not, I’m finding myself less and less in love with DC than I once was. (Gasp! Could the Midwest actually be rubbing off on me?!) Mostly I’ve been feeling grievously wronged by the District’s restaurants. Case in point, last night’s horrific dinner at my once beloved Majestic Cafe. My list of grievances:
a) smug, self righteous bastard of a waiter. (I hate it when waiters treat me like I’m three). Jeff grossly disregarded my plea to leave a miniscule tip.
b) hushpuppies fried just shy of charred.
c) the daily layer cake tasted like it was baked LAST week…horrifically dry and crumbly and saved only by a wonderfully fudgey icing.
d) prices significantly higher than I remembered…this isn’t just about keeping up with the pace of inflation. (I sighed deeply when I realized that the cost of Jeff and I splitting an appetizer, entree, and dessert GROSSLY exceeded the price of our awesome Thai dinner last weekend…YES, there IS good Thai food in Glen Burnie!)
e) insipid grilled salmon saved only by an interesting blood orange sauce.
f) orzo overcooked and not quite saved by a creamy avocado sauce.

Final analysis: good bye Majestic Cafe…there are too many other good restaurants in Old Town dserving of my restaurant dollars.

Another culinary grievance…Sushi Aoi–one of my favorite post-college haunts notorious for one of the best sushi happy hours in the world. I returned tonight jonesing for some serious nigiri. To my horror, I found that there happy hour menu drastically reduced! They kept white tuna and dropped unagi! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Not to be daunted, I still coughed up the requisite $4.50 for regular priced unagi…delicious and I guess I can’t complain for getting out with a respectable sushi dinner at $17. I’m just used to getting a lot more bang for the buck. Time to try some place new.

I’m gonna be super dog-sitter here this weekend while the boys are out of town. I need to rest up if I’m to keep up with the super-dog this weekend. I also feel like a wuss right now after hearing from an old college roommate. She’s also a 2L here for summer work and is facing an 80 hour week on week 1. Slacker thy name is flan!


2 responses to “dissolution

  1. This disillusionment with DC intrigues me. You’re getting a little more refined in your tastes and are not quite as enchanted with the typical upper-class fluff of decor, snobbery, and high prices. Now it goes straight to the reason for being… quality of craft and quality of service (a la Glen Burnie Thai Paradise).

    But this isn’t just part of your new stage of foodiness, it also seems to be a goal in all aspects of your life.

    Could it be the midwestern immersion? The way many DC stories have panned out over the years? Or just that you’re dating poor white trash? 🙂

    Either way, I love it. Let’s continue to call it like we see it and stare down those who try to impress us with their fluffy bullshit.


  2. the silent observer

    NO NO NO NO NO. Say it ain’t so. I loved the Majestic Cafe when I’d come down to visit DC. And now, sadly, I fear I won’t go back, since it sounds like you had a horrible time. 😦 I guess good things never last.

    There is always Sushi Zen….

    As long as Cafe Delux stays okay, I’ll feel like things are not all lost…

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