you dumbass!

I’ve been remiss on posts and updates…I know. You can blame Jeff, but in a good way. Life here continues to be very DC-like. Commute, work, commute, make elaborate meal, pass out in front of TV, repeat. Few complaints besides my continued (and losing) battle with my Herman Miller Aeron chair. I’ve read the manual, looked at their website, adjusted every knob and handle on the dang thing, and listened to the testimonials of friends and let me just say that IT IS THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING I’VE EVER SAT ON. I’ve been home for nearly three hours and my butt and lower back STILL HURT. Ergonomic my ass….

Super dog sitting over the weekend was loads of fun but made me realize that I’m, at heart, a cat person. Dogs, I’ve learned are extremely high maintenance. Jeff and I spent the weekend museum hopping, eating good food (to make up for our sorry adventure to Majestic Cafe), shopping (supposedly for Jeff although in reality for me), and revolving our schedules around the dog. Much more frolic to be had this weekend with a straight split b/t QT in VA and MD. Jeff and I have been braving the vicious Wilson Bridge traffic (Jeff more than I), which has only worsened with a string of road closures and construction. I make note of this largely for myself lest I return to Minneapolis to bitch about the traffic there.

This brings me to an astounding point…I think I miss Minneapolis. Whereas last summer I was elated to return to the District and took to it very quickly, I find that this summer, certain things about the area really irritate me. A LOT. Perhaps a normal response from some but up until now, I thought DC could do no wrong. Now I’m wondering if this is really where I want to practice post-grad. Now that I’ve invested countless summers and job hunt trips here. *sigh*


2 responses to “you dumbass!

  1. the silent observer

    It’s alright…I bet you’ll go back and forth a million more times before you finally settle on the place to be…trust me, week by week, I change my mind…and my moving may require a trip back across an ocean….

  2. the silent observer

    Post damnit! Post!

    Just kidding…:) Hope all is well in the capitol, city-state…

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