lo siento

Apologies for lack of posts but:

a) DC life is (dare I say?) hectic.
b) I stare at a computer all day at work. The last thing I want to do at home is stare at another one.
c) Working hard to cram in as much QT with boyfriend as possible.
d) Another weekend rolls by without me consolidating my student loans or facing the blistering reality of bleak financial situation.
e) Life is fairly drama and angst free resulting in lack of fodder for posts.
f) In lieu of angst and drama, knitting and other crafty goodness is also in short supply as these projects have been more or less suspended until I return to a life with (believe it or not) more free space and free time, i.e. law school. (gasp!)

stay tuned for these messages….


One response to “lo siento

  1. the silent observer

    Consolidate…CONSOLIDATE NOW! After all, aren’t you scared, from the thousands of emails you get warning you of the the huge increases in interest rates…be scared, be SCARED!!!!!

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