still here…

Apologies for the dedicated few who still duck in to see what goes on in the land of flan. I’ve been busy enjoying my summer here in DC and away from law school, but the reality of my former life’s about to come crashing down. In the next 48 hours, I will make one final stab at getting my damn law review article publishable. In the next week, I’ll wrap up the summer job, pack up my subaru (tricky b/c I bought so much stuff this summer!), catch up with all the DC folks I was supposed to see earlier in the summer, and haul ass back to Minnesota. The trek back will be interesting as a) I’ll be doing it solo again this time and b) I’ll be returning to an apartment that I only know in pictures. Jeff’s coming out later to help me unpack but I’m leaving the heavy lifting this time to the professionals. I hate the idea of getting movers but I figure the least I owe myself after a summer of gainful employment is letting someone else haul my queen size mattress up two flights of stairs.

Summer here’s been fun. Filled with good friends, good food, and good crafting. I’m starting to get the hang of machine sewing and I’ve got a few successful projects under my belt. Still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it enough to sew clothing. Perhaps I should’ve started a project with built-in seam allowances. Tracing japanese patterns and then adding seam allowances is just too much of a headache after a long day of work.

Anyway, I digress…I need to stop my shameless procrastination and haul ass so that I can get this sad, sorry paper behind me.

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