what is home? where is home?

Apologies for the grainy picture but I am in love with my new cell phone…it doesn’t have the world’s best camera, but it’s jazzy enough to catch a little depth of field action. Jeff caught me proudly displaying my new softy…I put another Wee Wonderfuls pattern to good use last Friday, a Put Together Bear that I’ve named Camilla, pictured above with me and Clover, my pointy kitty. Very satisfying projects…much more gratifying (at least in the moment) than some of my other projects collecting dust.

I just wrapped up my last day of the all important 2L summer job and am steeling myself for the trek back to Minnesota. My room is a mess; I haven’t cleaned; I still have three loads of laundry left, but all I can do is watch tv with the dog who is still mad at me for setting off the smoke detector while making dinner. I will not worry about the guys here when I leave (at least when it comes to fire) b/c that smoke detector is the loudest and most sensitive gadget I’ve ever seen.

The remainder of the weekend will be reserved for packing, cleaning, and squeezing in as much time with Jeff before we part ways again. Then it’s into the subaru and 1,300+ miles to Minneapolis, this time solo. Jeff will join me next week after the dust has settled a bit and the movers have dumped everything into my new apartment (which I still only know through pictures). I still have loads of pictures from the summer to upload but that’s still on that long list of things I should’ve done earlier this summer.

My big end of summer splurge was the acquisition of a Print Gocco P5 Kit purchased here. I’d scoured the internet looking for something cheaper, better, etc. Judy (the seller) sends these babies out real quick. If you’re still looking for a Print Gocco unit but are a bit squeamish about the bidding wars on ebay, then I think this is the way to go. There weren’t too many reliable looking sellers (as far as I could tell) on ebay and let’s face it…if you’re gonna drop nearly $200 on a hobby gadget, you better be getting it in the mail. Aside from that, I recently got burned on ebay bidding for an item that a) never showed up b/c b) it didn’t exist (or at least the seller didn’t have it). Anyway, no such horrors here and with a few clicks, I felt as if I’d joined some sort of crafting revolution. I got mine in just a few days via priority mail and I immediately watched the instructional “video” (actually they transferred it onto a CD) and am itching to give this thing a try. Jeff said I shouldn’t have even opened it because it will just torment me. Per usual, he’s right. I’ve been dreaming obsessively about ways to put this thing to use.

But those dreams will have to be postponed until I get my cluttered life in order and head to yet another place I call home. Riding the train home today from work, I realized that I might miss DC. As angsty as I was at the beginning of the summer of DC’s hustle-bustle gruffness, I’ve fallen back into the groove here, just in time to be yanked back to the frozen (albeit kinder) North. But Jeff and Lexie are here in DC, not in MN. How can I not miss DC?!


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