test kitchen

Inaugural meal: pasta with broccoli rabe and chicken sausage + organic California black figs topped with blue cheese and wrapped in proscuitto

I’m pretty sure at this point no one reads this since I’ve been so awful about updating this page but in my defense, life’s been a tiny bit hectic and internet access has been sporadic at best. I hauled ass back to Minnesota (app. 1,300 miles), solo this time, and crashed with a friend for a few days until I could get my new apartment set up. I was a little nervous about the apartment that I’d taken sight-unseen (minus some Craigslist photos). There was an initial letdown as I learned that the model my friend saw had two extra closets that my new apartment lacked. But what the place lacked in storage space, it made up for in location. It’s a 2nd story back corner unit (only bad on garbage days) that gets plenty of sunlight and is actually also next to the building’s old “incinerator,” meaning that I don’t have any neighbors to my left and right. This is rather fortunate given the problems I had with my neighbors in the last apartment.

I wish I could say the move went smoothly, but it was raining buckets, my movers canceled, and I ended up having to bribe friends with pizza and beer to help me haul stuff out of the 16′ Budget truck I squeezed into the back alley of building. But it’s done…and Jeff had the great misfortune of visiting me last weekend when everything was strewn about, the boxes were half opened and half unpacked, and I was just a general wreck. But now that I’ve unpacked most of the rooms (the bedroom’s still a wreck), the dust’s starting to settle, and I’m really starting to love my apartment. It’s a lot more elegant and charming than my last apartment. And a lot more sunlight and fresh air. I can’t wait to get really settled and am a little sad that I’ll only be here nine months.


2 responses to “test kitchen

  1. hey, i’m still readin’! 🙂 sorry murphy’s law kinda took over your move, but atleast your new pad is suh-weet!

  2. the silent observer

    need pics of the pad!!! and you still owe us a report on restaurant week…

    Glad you found your way back without *too* much insanity…I know, it’s all relative…

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