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I know I continue to be bad about updating here. The first week of school was surprisingly (or not) busy and I still haven’t set up any wireless at home, so internet access is limited.

I’m wishing now that I hadn’t enjoyed my weekend so thoroughly since I realize now, only hours before class that our reading assignments take a LOT longer than I thought they would. I managed to get a lot of good crafting done this weekend (a new sewing project, a little crochet, and a cross-stitch project, no wonder I didn’t get any school work done!)…pictures forthcoming…and to explore a lot of my favorite haunts in Minneapolis + some new places:
1) Harry Singh’s Carribean Restaurant–highly recommended from the City Pages but it really didn’t do it for me. Service was as nice and attentative as could be (and yes, this is sooooo important) but the food, at best, was just so-so. Still it’s nice to know that if I ever need a stiff glass of ginger beer, there’s a place not too far off to get one.
2) Yum! Bakery–Just opened up b/t my neighborhood and St. Louis Park. A great place that I would definitely recommend for good baked treats and sandwiches. My grilled tuna salad was kinda bland but my friend’s tuna sandwich looked awesome…and it came with these wonderful homemade potato chips. Plus, they make these amazing chocolate glazed cupcakes that are to die for.

Makes me realize that this is a pretty cool town but without being able to fully explain it, I have to say I’ll be ready to leave here in nine months…to who knows where????


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