Got back from a wonderful, wonderful weekend in DC/Baltimore to a gloomy Minneapolis. Grey skies, snippy people, and loads of catch-up reading. Thank goodness two profs canceled a class this week or I’d be in WAY over my head. But back to the goodness…the wedding was small and lovely; the ride in a (hummer, yes hummer) limo was memorable; and the dinner afterwards was quite tastey and I ate WAY too much. More pictures here. More importantly, it was a great weekend to bond with Jeff and in spite of all that was going on that weekend, we just got along famously. It was nice to completely unplug for a weekend and focus on one of the most important people on my life.

But I’m back…here in Minneapolis…law school…3L and boy do I get sad sometimes. I really do feel that the old addage is quite true: Fist year they scare you to death; second year they work you to death; and third year they bore you to death. To cope, I finally bit the bullet. In my last year of suffering here at the law school I finally decided to splurge for internet AND cable. Truth be told, since I got cable my ass has been GLUED to the couch while I catch up on loads of Comedy Central and the Food Network.

I must admit that I’m still sorta unpacking here and organizing…I’ve resolved to get most of this done this weekend–books to sell, bags of crap to take to Goodwill, and a large tub of miscellaneous toiletries that beg to be unpacked (not surprisingly, I haven’t had much use for silly things like makeup since my return). The big stuff’s all in place and I do love my apartment (in spite of my rhinoceros neighbor who mysteriously only moves about the second I set down to do some reading). Once the dust settles (and sunlight returns), I’ll have some pictures up of the place…

And hopefully with internet access I’ll be better about posting here.


One response to “civilization!

  1. fun pics! you’re so pretty, sara. 🙂

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