Random pictoral accompaniment to post–
The Butter Sculpture Booth, Minnesota State Fair 2006

All work and no play makes Sara a dull girl. It’s been a while since I’ve thrown a substantive post here…and I shall attribute the lack of substance to my dwindling readership, not that this is a heavily trafficked forum. I am slammed. School is absolute full swing and despite some merciful (and much needed) class cancellations (go Twins!) I am still barely clawing my way through 12-16 hour days and weekends are now a thing of the past. Welcome back to law school…what’s this crap about 3L being a cake walk? Actually, the work (now that I’m back in the groove) is suprisingly tolerable…Perhaps law school has cured me (if only partially) of my massive penchant to procrastinate. Or perhaps, after a heap of disappointment and the occasional ass-kicking, I’m now learning that the law is very, very unforgiving of those who put things off. (Statute of limitations anyone?)

But enough about school…some random musings and observations:

On Politics–It is really interesting to finally be living in a place where the local political scene is quite lively. Political ads are non-stop and some of them are downright nasty. Minnesota is a strange brew of liberalism and heartland values–sorta like a hippy refuge in America’s breadbasket. At least in the Twin Cities…I haven’t been up North enough to formulate an opinion of the rest of the state. I am SOOOO glad that I splurged for cable in an election year.

On coffee–After weening myself off coffee this summer, I am now back at it–hard core. I cannot function without two cups of coffee in the morning. Don’t even talk to me. Fortunately (or unfortunatley, if you’re my wallet), I am very close to a most excellent cafe. Best lattes I’ve had yet here.

On crafting–Crafting free-time is now out the window…knitting activity has ground to a halt. Meanwhile I am dreaming of projects (seriously) and my fingers are itching, yes itching to do something, make something. In lieu of free-time to craft, I am amassing an arsenal of fabric, thread, and notions. As if I don’t have enough crap. Blame Superbuzzy…that place is dangerous!

On cooking–Speaking of material acquisitions, I’ve made some critical additions to my library. The NY Times Cookbook, two Rachel Ray books, and Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. The beauty of it all? The sheer practicality. I suspect that all of these books (unlike ahem, that Zuni Cafe Cookbook that’s so overrated and so under utilized, collecting dust) will get a helluva lot of wear and tear. A shame that I love to cook so much but have no one to cook for. (Oh Jeff, why are you so far away?)

On good food–I am currently in love with Tanpopo, a Japanese restaurant in St. Paul. Seriously, the longer I live here, the more I am surprised by the # of quality restaurants. It’s not all fried cheese up here. Now if only I could find a proper Mexican restaurant.

On current events–Seriously, what is up with all the shootings? Kinda freaky stuff. I’m also waiting to see how much fun the media circus has with this whole Congressman Foley nonsense.

On apartment living–I still love my apartment. Hardwood floors rule (most of the time). I discovered today that my elephant upstairs neighbor also has lousy, lousy taste in music. This super tall German nerd guy and he listens to young country? Has it blasting in his apartment. This guy claims he has a girlfriend, but I’m soooo not buying it.

On stress–Yes, it is possible to pull a muscle in your eye….I did it this weekend, in my freaking sleep. I’ve been getting 7-8 hours a night but while my body rushes into deep sleep my brain is scurrying about totally awake the entire night. I am starting to look kinda raccoonish. The other eye’s started twitching. It will be a miracle if I’m not blind by 50.

On administrative matters–A quick shout-out to Dwight who just hit state-side recently. Welcome back buddy!

On major life decisions–I know I need to start looking seriously for a job and figuring out where I want to head post-grad. WA? MD? DC? Flip a coin? Take votes on the blog? Who knows? Any thoughts??


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