gimme stuff

Alright, I’ve decided that there’s more to life than getting bills in the mail. So how about cool, random stuff from all over? I’ve been scoping out the Gimme Stuff for a while now and have finally decided that I too need to delve into some swapping goodness. Here’s the deal, I can offer up to swap:

*books (fiction, non-fiction, i got it)
*other sewing notions
*candy of all kinds
*totebags (making them is my new current obsession)
*cool socks

In return, I’d like regional food products from where you live; food or craft books/magazines from your country; craft supplies from your country; basically anything interesting I can’t find here in the US. Mostly I’m interested in international swaps but I’d also be interested in swapping with folks outside of the Midwest.

Now, I hope I get some response!!

2/27/2007 update

Here are some links to swaps I’ve participated in. Not all of them were arranged through gimmeyourstuff but it should give you a sense of what I send and what I get:

Craft swap with Rebecca

Color swap with Carolyn

International Swap with Sharon (Singapore/US)

Craftbook swap with Sally (Australia/US)

Pink and Brown Swap with Kristine


6 responses to “gimme stuff

  1. Hi Sara, I’m magotta, I’ve got youe email and I’ll be more than glad to swap with you, I’ve tried to email u but your address seems to not work, sorry…pls email me so we can start swapping, ok?thanks

  2. hi sara (: i’m sharon from singapore! saw some of the stuff you made and they’re really pretty!(: would be glad to swap with you (: maybe you could drop a message at my blog or just email me at goodmorninglove[at]gmail[dot]com and we could work out a swap (:

    hope to hear from you soon!

    sharon (:

  3. Hello Sara! I’m Jody from sunny Singapore and I would love to swap with you. (: Please do leave a comment on my page at http://celebrationguns.blogspot com or drop me an email at Hope to hear from you soon so we could do a great swap! (:

    Thanks and take care!

  4. hello! i’m MELISSA from singapore~ & i would love love love to swap with you.
    i can get Candy and snacks for you! real yummmy candies! chocolates if you love! :p Fabrics are love! so i’ll definitely send love over to you. i can also get japanese magazines for you from our japanese stall in singapore!



    see me at
    & get em at


  5. Hi Sara,
    I’d love to swap with someone in Minnesota! The packages you sent were beautiful! Also, the international packages are getting expensive . . .a couple US swaps for now sound really good to me! E-mail me at charing5 at aol dot com

  6. Hi Sara! I thought I had left a comment, but maybe I forgot – I occasionally do that… If you still want to do a swap, I have June free, if you don´t mind waiting a bit. Mail me and let me know!

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