With the Minnesota winter, I thought my sewing machine could use some cover

Grand plans to catch up on class readings, review, review, review fell by the wayside after a long brutal weekend policing Law Review policies. In an effort to regain my humanity and sanity, I decided that I needed a) sleep; b) real food; and c) a lot of crafting. So I slept like a rock; ventured back to Tanpopo, this time with Erica; and spent a substantial amount of time putting my sewing machine to the test. For a 3/4 machine it does quite the job. (See above sewing machine cover; the other side can be seen here.)

I also baked:

Oh, the matcha goodness. First discovered here.

And found a new friend, via Crafty Planet.

Who doesn’t need a little sock monkey in their life? (Yeah, I made that snappy tie too).

I’ve been thinking for a very long time that this blog needs a makeover. This is a lame-o template I picked up years ago when I decided to resurrect my blog but apparently free, good blog templates are hard to come by…that is if you don’t want a Jessica Simpson or goth/hot topic themed template. I kinda like a lot of the typepad layouts, but I’m not ready to shell out money for space/server space and for the time being, I’m sorta wedded to my blogger account.

Now, I must run off and face the inevitable…Crim Proc for the rest of the night. (But look at how much cool stuff I made this weekend??!)


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  1. What a crafty weekend! I love your sewing machine cover, I have a linen napkin thrown over mine, ha ha. Is that Amy Butler fabric? Great design!

    Thanks for joining the swap, detail coming!


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