Yay for pumpkin carving!

I know I’ve been remiss in posting…believe me, it’s not for lack of stuff to talk about. Suffice to say that my life sorta fell apart two weeks ago (and this time I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not) and well, I’m still picking up the pieces. No need to go into the details but it’s the sort of blow that life hurls at you every now and again, sorta of like getting punched in the stomach, hard. Anyway, in spite of anxiety, sleepless nights, and lots of tears, I’ve still managed to find a lot of happy little distractions to take my mind off of things. I’ve thrown my energies into the kitchen, making all sorts of things from scratch, stuff that I thought I’d never make at home–bagels, ice cream, baguettes, etc. Stacey and Dan came by for dinner on Friday and we feasted on pasta with creamy butternut squash and sausage sauce, green salad, homemade baguettes, and warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. It was divine…we drank, we talked, we caught up and I was again reminded of many such content nights I had in DC with old Georgetown friends and how awesome life was just a few years ago. I’d like to say that I got a picture of the goodness but I was too darn busy having a good time.

I also made a big trip to the local post office to mail off all my various swap obligations, including one swap that was a whole month overdue…it feels really nice getting everything out the door. I was starting to feel guilty about not making deadlines and making nice packages to mail out to people. But I did it…and now I can wait to see what surprises come for me in the mail! I’ve already got one in from Rebecca on Friday. I’ll get a picture up later this week. Among the many things included in the package was a lovely piece of fabric with little paper lanterns on it. It’s already been cut up into squares and triangles for a quilt. Yes, I’ve decided to try my hand at quilting, but I’m starting small with a very simple crib quilt. I’m hoping to have all the pieces cut by week’s end.

Jeff’s coming on Friday and I can hardly wait. I’m glad that this week is so chock full of work because the days will pass very quickly.


4 responses to “autumn

  1. Cute pumpkins! I haven’t gotten around to roasting any yet, but I have a few recipes to tackle this weekend. Yesterday in spite of a massive wine/vodka/mojito hangover I roasted some yummy red potatoes, steamed some fresh greanbeans and made baked breaded eggplant with tomatoe sauce. It was all pretty simple, but wielding a santoku knife in that condition was a feat of courage.

  2. i love your pumpkins! i didn’t get around to carving pumpkins, or decorating, or dressing up, or any halloween fun this year–i’m glad you did!

  3. *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* sara. i hope things get better for you…

  4. I hope all is well for you. 🙂 Your dinner sounds fab and I’d love that butternut squash recipe if you’re willing to share. I never know what to do with those.

    Can’t wait to see how the quilting goes! Im dying to try it too.

    hang in there

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