Placemat and matching handbag for Anna

So this weekend in an absolute flurry of activity (largely guilt driven) I decided to get all my swap obligations out of the way and one of them was WAAAAAY overdue. Packages went out to Minnesota, New York, Canada, and Australia! Among them was Anna’s placemat swap, which I agreed to join many, many moons ago. I got started plenty early enough hand-emboidering the little birdies and tree on the mat but it took me a long time to get to finishing it. Fortunately, she’s a very forgiving person and the placemat and a little matching bag I threw in (in part to make up for my severe tardiness) found a new home this weekend. (And now I can post a picture of it here without ruining any surprises). Anna is now stateside and a fellow Minnesotan no less! I’m hoping to meet up with her sometime soon. (Behold the power of the blog-o-sphere).

I’m hoping that Rebecca will get my package soon. Then I can post a picture of that here along with a picture of all the lovely things she sent me!

Time to eat some candy!


2 responses to “swaps

  1. I hope I get the package soon! Luis is going to try to the post office before they close argh!

    Love the bag and placemat! Please come over and teach me to sew. 🙂

  2. hey, where do you get your cute material? know of any cool fabric stores in/around dc? i’m hell-bent on making curtains instead of grading. hope you are well. 🙂

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