link dump

Here are links to things that people have asked about or just stuff that I found interesting:

Pasta with butternut squash and sausage–this is the recipe I used last week for my dinner party (tastey and easy!)
Dark chocolate martinis–Really? Need I say more??

Places to get some really cool fabric:
Crafty Planet–a very cool local hipster craft store
Superbuzzy–excellent sources for Japanese fabrics and notions
Reprot Depot–lots of cool retro/vintage fabrics and notions

Crafty goodness:
Nifty pattern for a suede skirt–courtesy of Martha Stewart/Blueprint
Kansashi tutorial–make your own beautiful Japanese fabric flowers
How to sew a zipper on a pouch–An excellent tutorial by Anna

Sources of inspiration:
Denyse Schmidt–amazing quilts. The quilt I’m working on now is from one of her books.
Amy Butler–great fabrics and colors
My Little Mochi–very cute crafty goodness
Crafter’s Companion–just got this in the mail this week. If you don’t have one, get one! It’s chock full of beautiful crafts, beautiful layout, and beautiful writing.

TGIF! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

3 responses to “link dump

  1. tick tick tick tick tick

  2. nice, thanks for the great links Sara

  3. you’ve created a monster by that link to crafty planet…. omg. i’m making my own curtains soon. very excited.

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