dignity shreds

my swap bag of goodies finally finds a home!

Bag specs:
I made the bag following a Japanese pattern. (Picture of the original here.) Fabric was from a large panel I picked up on super duper clearance at Urban Outfitters years ago. In a former life, it served as a cover for my futon but it got a big hole in the center a few moves back and it needed a second life. Seemed like perfect bag material so I ran with it. Handles are real leather. Supplies from Tandy Leather Factory; some serious hammering involved in the putting the rivets through the leather and attaching it to the bag. Since I live in an apartment and wanted to maintain civil relations with my neighbors, some of the hammering was done in the street. (Yes, the street…I must’ve looked quite crazy!) You can see pictures of all the goodies I sent along to Rebecca here. Rebecca seems quite happy with all the stuff I sent along so I think this was successful swap. It’s really nice to find people who enjoy hand-made goodies!

My boy Jeff was in town for the weekend and we had a blast. We both needed it…his assessments of our visits are always far deeper and more profound than mine, but suffice to say his visit reminded me of all the reasons why we’re still together…in spite of distance, poor cell phone plans (ok that’s just me), expensive plane tickets, and the general stress of life. I think the key thing was keeping it very low-key…in the past our weekends together have been a whirlwind of activity that often created more stress than it relieved. I still think that we managed to cram in a lot, checking out:

  • Body Worlds at the Science Museum of Minnesota–the most alarming part of the exhibit was not the bodies themselves but rather the number of people who had small children in tow (talk about traumatizing!)
  • Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge–Jeff had a little too much to drink but fortunately I was driving
  • Mickey’s Diner–a historic diner in St. Paul; the potatoes o’brian are a must!
  • a bunch of the outer suburbs–Jeff and I caught a nice sunset driving around one of Minnesota’s many lakes
  • kiddie places full of child like wonder–Jeff and I went to a couple of neat shops to indulge in some “kid’s stuff” and hang out with Japanese roosters; Robot Love (a Japanese goodie store) and Wild Rumpus (the best children’s bookstore in the Twin Cities)
  • A few people have asked me recently where on earth I find all this time to craft, being a law student and all? Well, first I should say that I’m not the world’s best law student. I’d prefer planning a new project to reading evidence any day of the weekend. Second, it keeps me sane…this is probably the most important thing. I sit around reading mountains of books day in and day out and the only thing I “create” are long (and boring) papers full of (boring) legal reasoning. So it’s tremendously satisfying to put all that aside for a bit to create something that’s truly useful for myself (bags, quilts, toys) or (even better) for others! I figure it’s a better form of stress relief than most law students rely on–i.e. smoking and drinking–b/c it’s better for my health and b/c it makes myself and others happy. Finally, crafting was a big part of my life pre-law school and something that I’ve fiercely to clung in the past three years. Law school does a lot to chip away at your character, your spirit, and your dignity and finding time for knitting, sewing, and cooking have helped me to stay (as close as possible) “true” to myself. Frankly, I liked who I was “before” law school and I’d like to the same when they finally let me outta here! ;0)

    2 responses to “dignity shreds

    1. Thank you again for the fabulous bag! You should really show the cutie pin cushion you sent, too. 🙂

      You and Jeff were crazy busy! I’m lucky to drag Luis to the supermarket. 🙂 Of course we live together so it is day in day out with him.

      I love what you wrote about crafting keeping you “sane.” It’s so important to havea creative outlet!

    2. > and I’d like to the same when they finally let me outta here!

      Baby… you’re going to be so much stronger, deeper, and wiser when you get out of there than you ever were before… and you’ll probably appreciate all of the little things even more.

      I sure as hell can’t wait. 😛

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