many happy returns of the day

Baby Bobbi Bear chills out with recent craft book purchases

I knit this little cutie several weeks ago but never bothered to post a picture til now. If you have not knit with Blue Sky Alpacas, you have missed out on a truely awesome knitting experience…it is one of the yummiest yarns I’ve ever knit. And btw, both craft books are excellent additions to the library. Full of lots of great pictures and inspiration.

Ok, product plugs aside, I took a much needed break from schoolwork and drove out to the suburbs to check out a highly regarded thrift store. The adventure resulted in a bunch of fairly good finds, in particular a snowflake pyrex dish very similar to the ones pictured here. My only complaint is that the place was not exactly cheap (but I was warned)…e.g. three small spools of thread at $1.45. Sometimes I can get that new at Joanns if there’s a sale.

Anyway, this week has just sucked. Really sucked…but I have found small comfort in the evenings putting in a some time on this little beauty:

finally! it’s off the cutting table

After several weeks of fabric hording and an hour of cutting here and there, I finally got all the pieces ready and laid out. This project’s probably on hold though til next semester. I might have a little time here and there but I just realized that finals are less ONE month away! EEEEEEKKKKKKK!! i.e. Time to stop slacking and time to do some serious studying. Seriously.

Finally, a quick happy birthday to myself. Today I am 27, definitely making me closer to 30 than 20. I’m going out for fondue and drinks with a couple of friends tonight and am hoping that that will make up for a really crummy week at school.

Happy Friday y’all!

4 responses to “many happy returns of the day

  1. happy birthday! and happy quilting! and baby bobbi bear is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.

  2. hhhhhaaaaaappppppppyyyyyyyy bbbbbbiiiiiirrrrrtttttthhhhhhdddddaaaaaayyyyyy, sara!!! 😀

  3. the silent observer

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Late, 😦

  4. I love your Bobbi bear, way cuter than others I have seen. And that quilt top is gorgeous! I’m so afraid of quilting ha ha.

    Happy belated BDay! 30 is not bad at all, keep that in mind. 🙂

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