cookin’ with booze

Nigella Lawson’s sake salmon with rice
and mushroom timer by cram cream

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with cooking with booze. Penna alla vodka, sake salmon, bourbon baby back ribs, and soon tequila chicken. The sake salmon was tasty although I think I’d probably up the soy sauce and cut back on the worchestire sauce. I would also recommend paying attention. I was going for that perfect medium rare salmon, looked away for just a minute, and got medium. Ahh well…I think I used up all my salmon mojo last week when I roasted one with lemon and chives. That one turned out perfectly.

Anyway, many thanks to the folks who remembered my birthday and called, commented, or emailed with birthday wishes. Birthday’s seems to get less interesting as the years move along. The first half of my birthday was decidedly disappointing. I went to school to work on a group project and to catch up on loads of reading. I guess I was spoiled in college because I had lots of friends nearby who always threw awesome birthday parties. In lieu of party, I went out with friends to the Melting Pot for dinner and later to Brit’s Pub. The food was pretty good but definitely overpriced. I ended up shelling out $75 myself. (And there’s some dispute amongst my non-law-school-friends whether I should’ve had to pay for my own dinner. I won’t lie, I was a tad bit disappointed). I think I will reserve future visits to the Melting Pot for dessert only.

Otherwise, the weekend was reading, crafting, and loads of homework. My attempt to see Stranger than Fiction was thwarted by Minneapolis’s unusually retarded traffic patterns. My friends and I allocated 40 minutes to get to a theater five miles away and we didn’t make it. I will have to try again . . . .

So the good part of my weekend, the crafting:

Eeyore stands in to model

After the movie plan fell through I stayed home to catch up on NPR podcasts and to work on a patchwork scarf (from Denyse Schmidt’s Quilt book)…they’ve been predicting snow here for three days now. There’s no denying that winter’s here to stay so I casted aside other projects for the more pressing concerns of staying warm. it’s hard to see the details in the pictures:

scarf unfurled

but most of the scarf was made from old wool skirts I thrifted. The pink side is a soft ribbed fleece that I picked up from a remnant bin this afternoon at Mill End Textiles. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. It has good coverage and the thick wooly suiting material will probably block out a good deal of cold and wind but the pink fleece won’t irritate my neck. The scarf was put together using the foundation piecing method…my first go at that method of quilting. Kinda liberating actually because it’s totally free-form so it was like putting together a puzzle as you were cutting out the pieces. The next project on the chopping block (it will have to wait until at least next weekend) is a pillow-case and bag from some sponge-bob-square-pants flannel I also picked up at Mill End.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! My textbooks are calling….


2 responses to “cookin’ with booze

  1. wait… you enjoy cooking with booze? I enjoy eating with booze! serendipity, baby!

  2. the scarf is great! love it.

    p.s. smooches to eyeore.

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