does not compute (help wanted)

How is it that as I’m gearing up for finals and my thoughts should turn to criminal procedure and evidence the crafty-side of my brain kicks into overdrive? I’ve spent my lunch hour doodling a possible bag pattern on a piece of scratch paper rather than taking notes on the last evidence assignment of the semester. (Marital privileges? zzzz….) But I had to get this idea on paper…it’s a kind of bag I see around a lot and I think I’ve finally figured out how to make it? The only way now is to just run out and do it…

I suspect that this plan will have to wait for another week and a half when exams (yikes!) will be behind me. If I’m not a total vegetable by then, I’ll have three days to clean, pack up, and craft before I head home (Seattle) for the holidays. I fear this year that I will suffer serious separation anxiety from my sewing machine. But even I can’t justify hauling that thing to my parents place.* All that free time and no means of crafting? I can only hope that all the knitting and emboidery I bring along will console me.

I have two outstanding swap obligations I have to fulfill before I take off for the holidays, one with Carolyn and one with Sharon. Both involve a little crafting so I will have to fit in the work whenever possible.

*Jeff’s probably laughing as he’s reading this because last summer we’d argued over whether or not I could fit my sewing machine into an already jam-packed Subaru en route to DC…it did not, I grudgingly left it in storage, and then got an even better sewing machine that summer. But I was working then and making money; I probably couldn’t justify such a replacement over the break…I will only be away from little craft den for 3.5 weeks.


2 responses to “does not compute (help wanted)

  1. No, I’m laughing because the harder (and more important) your academic demands get… the more time you spend on crafts. 🙂

  2. Stop the madness! Don’t make me stage a crafting intervention and take away all your yarn!
    It doesn’t have to be this way, please remmebr to craft responsibly this holiday season

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