i came, i saw, i gocco’d

what happens when you don’t have a drying rack

I decided a while back that I was going to resurrect my gocco for my two upcoming swap packages. I got one over the summer (a big treat to myself) but had a frustrating experience with it. Neglected in my craft cubby, it was calling my name. So I came home (today was the last day of classes), rested a bit, and then did an intense two hour print session. This is the final product:

Most of the cards are done in brown ink on turquoise cardstock. But some of them have a little pink on the flowers…my attempt at two tone gocco didn’t go as well but I kinda like the messy look of it. I also tried a few other surfaces…I think the images came out best on the heavy white cardstock. But overall, I am rather pleased. I managed to clean off the master so I may bring it out another day soon to test out the image on fabric. I think it could look very cool on a totebag.

3 responses to “i came, i saw, i gocco’d

  1. I love these! Brown and aqua, yum.

  2. those are super cute!!!! i bought a gocco, let it sit behind the bed for a year, and then gave it away to someone who will hopefully actually use it.

    i don’t think it’s that i’m too old to learn new crafts, but just that i’m too lazy!!!

  3. NICE…me be wanting to do some print-making myself…

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