long absence noted

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Mine was strangely stressful (the holidays tend to be exceptionally laid back in my family)…a strange brew of gut-busting meals, family drama, some uncharacteristically bad weather, and the smell of pine. Some of you may have heard of the big storm that ripped through here the other week. My parents thankfully lost power for only two days and it was back on by the time I arrived on the 18th. They are still cleaning the debris in my parents’ neighborhood. My parents have managed to take the whole thing in stride, especially considering that a large tree went through their roof the night of the storm. They smartly got people in right away to construct a temporary patch (very important since the rain continues to come down) and called their insurance company. We are still waiting on the final word from adjustor/insurance company but it looks like they’ll have to replace most of their roof. However, inconvenient, I’m so very thankful that no one in the family was hurt. It’s still hard for me to believe that people were without power for over a week and that some lost their lives as a result. It may sound somewhat ordinary for people living in harsher climes, but in the northwest, where winters are notably mild, it still comes as a bit of a shock.

Anyway…on Christmas day my sister and I spent the whole day cooking. My sister is culinarily challenged so it was a true test of my patience and holiday cheer but we managed to put out an incredibly tastey meal including a lovely meatloaf and a yummy sweet potato pie. My sister even managed to make the classic green bean casserole all by herself (albeit with some supervision). One of my brothers was unable to make it up from San Francisco but all the other usual suspects were in attendance. We are still clearing out leftovers and all the while I’m trying to taste as much yummy home-cooked Korean delights (my mom is an awesome cook!) as possible before I have to bid my family farewell.

More recently with all the family drama, I’m starting to second guess my decision to come home and study for the bar out here. Then again the source of the family drama will likely not be around then and my parents have reassured me that I will get all the “space” I need. This decision will have to be reassessed in a few months.

Anyway, I promised pictures right? Here’s the swap package I mailed to Carolyn a while back.

And here’s what I got back in return. (Man, I love swaps?!)

It was so beautifully wrapped!

Wait! Look, there’s more!

Carolyn and I agreed to make each other totes in our favorite colors. Isn’t this darling? I love the flower that was hand-stitched onto the bag! I’m looking forward to doing more crafty swaps in the new year. Not much crafting though here on my vacation…my sewing machine is back in Minnesota and I have only some knitting to keep me busy. I am brimming with tons of ideas for bags, toys, and zakka. But all this will have to wait a few more weeks. I’m headed out to Baltimore to see the boyfriend and am hoping also to meet up with Rebecca.

I’ll check back in soon but just in case, Happy New Years!


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