new beginnings

beautiful swap goodies from Sharon in Singapore

Hi dear readership. I’ve already kicked off 2007 with a long online absence. Apologies…it is not for lack of content. In fact, I have too much to post on, but lack of time to gather and reflect on all that’s gone down in the past month. Anyway, to the picture…it’s a little blurry and poorly lit but don’t let that fool you. Sharon sent me some very awesome goods from Singapore. She has great taste and I absolutely loved everything she sent! Loads of great fabrics, the cutest bobbing strawberry shortcake cell phone charm, some cute mini donuts, and the ultimate bonus–an issue of Cotton Time Plus straight from Japan! Thank you Sharon! I hope we can swap again in the future. My package to Sharon is going out this afternoon. I was a little late getting it together having just gotten back into town and then promptly burning my hand in a cooking accident, thus prohibiting much crafting or gathering. I’ll post pictures of what I sent once Sharon gets it, so I don’t ruin any surprises.

I must say that after some bad luck with swaps recently, it was nice to receive such a wonderful, thoughtful package. I guess my swap luck must be turning…I got an awesome package from Carolyn in December and came back to a wonderful candyswap package from Lara who took on good Samaritan duties after my last candyswap partner flaked on me. (No pictures of the candy package…my greed immediately kicked in and I gobbled up most of the goodies before I thought to take a picture.) I have two more swaps lined up in February. Rebecca’s pink and brown swap and another Singapore swap with Jody. The question now is where I will find all the time to get working on my next swap packages. Having received some very disappointing swap packages, I like to take the time to send nice, thoughtful packages and usually try to include at least one handmade goodies. Sometimes people appreciate it, sometimes they don’t notice–either way, I figure it will only help my swap karma. (What goes around comes around.)

Anyway, I must sign off for now…classes start today and although I don’t have Tuesday (or Monday) classes this semester, I have to check in to find out my externship assignment. I’m working for a local judge this semester for credit…keep your fingers crossed that I get a good assignment! I’m thrilled that this is my last semester…soon I will leave this lonely and frigid place for warmer climes and friendlier folks. I can’t wait!!


3 responses to “new beginnings

  1. Oh no! What bad swaps have you received? The first swap I ever did (like 2 years ago) was a craft supplies swap from Craftster. I put together what I thought was a nice package and received a small envelope of crap (half used glue, a few stray beads and some weird fake stained glass kit) and it all stunk like smoke! Yuck. I know your P&B partner will come through!

  2. I had a couple bad experiences a couple of years ago but I’m glad I still entered swaps because most people I’ve partnered with have been more than generous and truly creative. Im sure your swap karma will come through this time for you:)

    Your gifts from Sharon were really nice, she seems sweet….and your bag you made her is lovely. Nice job.


  3. I completely understand your feelings – I’ve written about it oo. However, I absolutely ADORE the parcel I received from you – so I’m definitely sending good karma vibes your way.

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