updates from the land down under

Warning: Australian customs is a real bitch. Seriously. Many moons ago, I signed up for a craft book swap through swapbot and sent off a lovely parcel to Sally in Australia.

I believe the rule was for at least one craft book and one magazine. (The package I received much to be desired…I’m sure my partner meant well but she got me a copy of Stitch’n’Bitch, which I already had a copy of …. kinda thought that to be an unimaginative choice since it’s an item that resides in many a crafter’s library. The swap being international, I thought the point was that people would look to books or magazines that aren’t readily available in their partner’s country. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered with the hassles and costs of international post.) The package being somewhat heavy, I passed on airmail b/c it was pricey! Never again I guess. I’d all but thought this package had disappared forever but THREE months later, Sally got it. I think the candy got it held up in Aussie customs. Drats!

Anyway, I’m glad she finally got it and I hope she enjoys everything.


2 responses to “updates from the land down under

  1. loved being your swap partner by theway, your packages are always so thoughtful and well chosen!! I just sent something Down Under and the airmail was lots but I figured it would never get there by boat based on a pervious experince in sending a book to a friend in Poland!

  2. Thank you SOO much Sara! I haven’t posted any photos yet – time and poor light are holding me up. I definitely will though! Bummer you got a weak parcel in response, maybe your good swap will be recipricated soon…

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