walkin’ in memphis

So I’m back from Memphis and slowly settling back into reality (and scrambling to catch up on mountains of lost work)…which is cold and overwhelming. The weather here has been blisteringly cold. We have not been above 0 degrees in several days. (That’s farenheit folks.) In fact, it was so damn cold this week that after watching the superbowl at a friend’s place, my car wouldn’t start. This is no clunker either…I have a relatively new subaru…I mean, if ever there was a car that was meant to tolerate this kind of weather….this is it. My friend eventually got my car to start (the next day) and I learned a very important lesson on frozen fuel lines.

Anyway, let’s step away from reality for a bit and discuss my kick-ass weekend in Memphis. I brought a little companion with me. A while back Jeff and I discussed painting a Munny for each other. You know–as a cute and creative present to each other.We kept seeing them in stores but the idea never quite materialized. I decided that Memphis was a good place to surprise Jeff with one so I started with a blank canvas:
And yielded this (inspired of course by my favorite boy):

This was a very fun project and an excellent use of a lot of old acrylic paint I had laying around. And speaking of the boy, Jeff and his band played very well…so well that from over a 100 bands, his band made it to the finals!! It was a pleasant surprise–and entirely well deserved. They played an incredible set on Friday night! This of course meant that Jeff and I had to forgo our original plans to sightsee around Memphis. I spent the better part of Saturday watching bands play at the historic Orpheum Theater and Jeff’s group was the last to go up. But I didn’t mind. (And I lost track of how many times I heard people say “Damn, white boy can play!”)

In the end they didn’t place (although hey, they were definitely in the top 10!) but Jeff got to fulfill a lifelong ambition to perform in the Orpheum and we had a phenomenally fun weekend filled with love, food, drinks, and fun. It was wonderful to see Jeff completely in his element and also to step outside of mine.

But anyway, that’s why I haven’t been crafting much…or doing much schoolwork either. ;0)


3 responses to “walkin’ in memphis

  1. Jeff plays in a blues band? Where have I been?? Does he ever play in Baltimore by chance? I have a great friend who plays blues there. đŸ™‚ It’s so cool that they made it to the finals! How exciting.

  2. Who’s your friend?

  3. um that munny thing is totally freaking me out. but congrats to jeff. đŸ™‚

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