unofficial survey

Hey All,

It’s been a hellacious week…I forgot how much harder my weeks are when I don’t get a damn thing done over the weekend. I’m eternally behind on readings and I think one of the clerks I work with gave me a cold. (mother****er!)

Anyway, I don’t know who the hell reads this anymore? (Apparently more than I thought based on recent comments…thanks guys!) But I was wondering for you “crafty” folks out there, if you have any thoughts on selling on etsy? I am dying, dying from a lack of a creative outlet (this is in part time management related) but a) there are only so many handmade things I can make for myself or inflict on my boyfriend, b) I’m BROKE…and addicted to crafting and need a way to fund my creative energies, c) while making things for swaps has been very satisfying, that too is getting to be more expensive than I thought (I just can’t really work with cheap materials all the time), and d) people have had some nice things to say about my handmade goods, so I figure hey, why not put that out there? Maybe someone will be willing to buy it?

Please tell me if I am completely off basis….or at least feign interest. I’m trying to justify this next venture.


5 responses to “unofficial survey

  1. first things first: always, ALWAYS have a box of cold-eeze handy. the minute you feel a cold coming on, start popping those babies (but skip the OJ when you do so) and your cold will be history the next day or the day after. if you want the blow-by-blow of how they work, just ask…i’m assuming you just want something that works w/o the why. πŸ™‚

    as for selling your crafty creations– what are you waiting for!?! i say go for it! i think you make some pretty nifty (not to mention, high quality!) stuff if you ask me. πŸ™‚

  2. I second the Cold-eze advice.

    As for selling on etsy, i just opened my etsy shop this week! ( I’ve had luck selling to friends, so I thought I’d try strangers.

    The nice thing with etsy is that 1)
    it’s user friendly and 2) there’s minimal cost–only 20 cents per item to list and a small percentage if it sells.

    Why not give it a shot? I say go for it!

  3. hey! several things!
    a) i have not forgotten about my promise to mail the pattern. i should be doing that this weekend. promise!

    b) my friend ashley sells on etsy. check out foxylocksy on myspace, and i think she has a link. you can message her there and just say you’re a friend — she’d be happy to talk to you about it, i’m sure!

    c) oscillococinum. i can’t pronounce it, but that shit works. zycam works pretty well too.

  4. Zycam kicked my cold’s ass! I left work ealy last Friday and was out partying by Saturday night! Also, it’s fun to stick things up your nose (and it was on sale this week at Walgreen’s). I also highly recommend getting the cold medicine with pseudoephedrine–I know it’s more highly regulated than weapons grade plutonium, but that shit you can just pick up in the aisle doesn’t work. So go to your pharmacist and tell him you need to cook up a big batch of meth to power through your cold–or you could take it as recommended. (I’m wondering if my life will become more interesting once these idle comments get me stuck on some government watch list…probably I’ll just get more thoroughly screened at airports–bring on the wand, baby!)

  5. Sara-sorry you are feeling lousy, you have enough on your plate with school and all. I’m a dayquil person myself but I’ve heard a lot of good things about cold-eeze knocking the crappy stuff out quickly.

    As far as etsy, I’ve wandered through there but haven’ bought anything off of there yet. I think the ones that are successful start off by really putting yourself out there marketing wise, so definitely add a link on your blog, email everyone on your email list, comment as much as you can on others and let everyone know your shop is open for business!! Good luck to you….I hear you on the broke issue πŸ˜‰ I might need to do something too just to bring in that extra little bit to help out.

    Glad to hear your swap package arrived and was full of goodies for you, looking forward to seeing your pics πŸ™‚


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