pretty in pink

I meant to post more this week but I’ve been working on some secret Valentines Day projects for the boy so free time is in very short supply! I’ll reveal more later this week after everyone gets their packages. Alas, I didn’t manage to take a picture of one of my tastier projects–it got gobbled up too quickly and the rest made its way into several packages that are now en route to far flug corners of the country.

A while back I signed up for Rebecca’s pink and brown swap and on Friday I got a fabulous package from Kristine. Thank you Kristine!!!! You wanna see?

Look at all that pretty packaging! It was fun to unwrap all of it. I suppose you wanna know what’s inside all that?

Kristine included a beautiful cat softy (from one of Denyse Schmidt’s books), chocolate, a starbucks coffee card, some fabric and beads, and the cutest little ceramic elephant. Her boys even contributed some tastey pink cookies to the package. (There’s a reason there’s only one in the picture; I devoured the first one in a real hurry.) I feel like I have no right to complain about bad swaps for a long, long time. Makes me feel evey crummier for not having gotten her package in the mail just yet. I had every intention of doing it on Saturday but I had an unfortunate mandatory (read–super boring, beat my head against the wall in boredom) meeting that ran way over so I could not find an open post office. I’m looking forward to posting pictures of what I sent later this week. I’ll have some other crafty goodness to post about but I don’t want to ruin any surprises.

I’ve posted some more pictures from my Memphis trip here. Thanks for everyone’s cold medication suggestions…between cold ease, sudafed, and nyquil I feel a lot better but still not quite 100%.


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