leavin’ town, leavin’ town

all packed up and ready to go

All this crazy ass weather has entirely derailed my well intentioned plans to bring people Valentines Day joy. What should’ve been a two/three day mailing has stretched out over the week. Jeff is the first recipient–of his mega Valentines Day package. Ok, maybe not mega, but definitely well wrapped. (see above)

gocco’d shirt, flannel cat boxers (inside joke), misc goodies,
and three boxes of handmade truffles

I had a lot of fun putting this package together. Though Jeff and I have been together for a while, this is the first year we’ve made a big “to-do” about Valentine’s Day. (Although last year, I did send Jeff a hefty box of decadent champagne brownies that I made using this fabulous recipe.) The design on the t-shirt was a piece of Japanese clip art that came with my gocco. (I have a PG-5 which is the Japanese equivalent of the PG-6 which is much more common in the U.S.). I have no idea what the Japanese text says but there’s a crane and a turtle underneath–turtle saying “I am Kame” and crane saying “I am Suru.” What that all means, who knows?? The cat boxers started as a joke in a Joann’s fabric store in MD. Jeff was graciously allowing me to take a little detour to buy some fabrics during my last visit. I asked him to pick out a flannel so I could make him PJ pants. There was a good selection of prints there but then Jeff came across this (what I think is) hideous cat flannel print and was just dumbfounded. Dumbfounded that such fabrics exist and that the bolt was almost empty–there was just a scant yard left. After we both recovered from healthy laughter–in the knowledge that there are several yards of the fabric out there in use somewhere–Jeff insisted that I buy the last yard and claiming that he would wear almost anything I’d make for him using that fabric. As it turns out, a yard is not enough to make PJ pants but I did manage to crank out a very handsome pair of cat boxers. These were my first sewn boxers and I was quite pleased with the way I turned out–minus the wacky tesselating cat pattern. Incidentally, the cats on the fabric resemble Jeff’s two cats–Shirley and Otis. The pad I included in the package says “Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy” and has a long checklist of things you can mark for your special someone.

The boxes in the back contain truffles that I made last weekend. Extremely labor intensive and messy process but I had a lot of fun making them. I made six flavors–chili pepper, lemon pepper, coconut, brown sugar bourbon, fleur de sel, and espresso bean. I had a couple of friends over before I mailed them out to taste test. All flavors passed with flying colors although everyone had their favorites. Alas, we were all so greedy that I didn’t get a picture of any of the truffles but boy were they tastey. The flavors are definitely a keeper going forward although i will likely cut back on the cayenne and get a good candy thermometer so I can do a better job tempering my chocolate.

Coincidentally, Jeff got me truffles, although I won’t fault him for not making them himself. The rest of his present shan’t be discussed here. 😉

I will post more pics from the pink and brown swap after I know that Kristine’s got the package. I also have another crafty project that’s been on the back burner that I finally finished. I like the end product but would definitely go about a little differently the next time around. It’s a very cute and handy purse so I forsee making another one in the near future.


One response to “leavin’ town, leavin’ town

  1. J. Shannon Conlin

    MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The bourbon and brown sugar ones made me feel like a woman.

    And “healthy laughter” doesn’t really describe it, baby. You can tell them I was red-faced, watery-eyed, and lying on that awesome 1972-suburban-shopping-center tile floor in the middle of a full-on asthma attack when we discovered that cat fabric, then pondered why there was so little left.

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