behind the scenes of a craft factory

I told you I was crafting–sort of. It just took me a snow day and the first totally relaxed Saturday I’ve had in weeks to get it all here. These are the completed projects I’ve amassed over the last two months.

slouchy purse, pattern from a Japanese craft mag
hanging bathroom caddy from Amy Butler’s In Stitches
lil’ monkey from Aranzi Aronzo plush book

I’m happy with the way that all the projects came out, although I’d probably do all of them a little differently if I make them again. I really like the bag–it’s the perfect size and very easy to carry around everywhere. But I made it with fabrics that frayed really easily and in the process of putting on the handles and the zipper, the bag got plenty of wear and tear. The hard part about taking patterns from Japanese craft mags is knowing what fabrics and interfacing to use. I’ll probably make another version of the bag some time but use fabrics that fray less or doctor up the fabric with plenty of fray check.

It’s been a very, very snowy couple of days so I’ve plenty of time in doors to do some reading and possibly later, some more crafting? Stay warm y’all!


One response to “behind the scenes of a craft factory

  1. I love the caddy. How is the Amy Butler book? You know I’m a serious novice so do you think I can handle it? 🙂

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