back in black

Vacation. At last…thank goodness. It could not have come a moment sooner. I spent the first two days virtually brain-dead as I’d been at working at school the night before until 5:00 AM. Frankly, I’m still out of it and I suspect it will take me another couple of days to completely unwide. Just in time for Jeff‘s visit! He’s coming out here on Friday and suffice to say I’m super excited.

Today I woke up feeling like hell but finally got my wits about me. I’d cut the fabric out for this a couple of days ago but it took me a while to muster up the patience to tackle it. My patience was well rewarded…I would have to say of all the bags I’ve made so far this is my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect size and color for general usage.

I made the bag using a pattern from a Japanese craft magazine. The problem with using those patterns (and not speaking Japanese) is figuring out the little details …those are often just through trial and error. I had a little trouble putting in the piping…it was the first time I’ve ever used piping and my sewing machine was being a little fussy with it. I would do a few things differently but overall, it was a fun little pattern and I see this bag getting a lot of use. The exterior fabric is from IKEA , the lining is from superbuzzy, plus a little canvas for the handles and top. I have some of the IKEA fabric left and am planning on making a large bag with it. The flower pin was a late addition…I thought the bag could use a touch of brightness and I’ve been wanting to make one using this pattern for a while now. (The little yellow button on the flower I got with a surprise letter from Sally in Australia!) The beauty of it being a pin means that I can use it as a bit of brightness on other things too.

Don’t you just love that newsprint lining? I love it especially because the newspaper articles are about Washington D.C.! (See the beltway reference on the pocket?) I love that this bag has some shape to it….I’ve discovered the joys of timtex and I have to say it’s given this bag a sharp look. I hope I can keep up this crafting momentum. I have two bags to make for swaps and still trying to figure out what patterns and fabrics ot use for those.

Oh, and because I’m so proud of myself, here’s the sideview…

(excuse the bragging…I promise a more humble entry tomorrow!)


2 responses to “back in black

  1. i love it! it’s so cute. i’m envious of your craft kick… i’m still plugging away at my stupid bloody short socks. argh.

  2. Hello!
    I’m from Singapore and I’d love to swap with you (:

    Here’s my swap page-

    I hope to hear from you soon and I hope we have fun swapping!

    Shiqin (:

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