orange and warm

divinity in a bowl

I’ve been on a big carbs/Italian food kick…maybe it’s the blah-winter weather, mabye it’s the really crappy produce we get here this time of year. Then there’s the Easter candy…but pretty soon, I’ll gain back all the weight I dropped last semester. Nonetheless, after a long day at the courts and a really crappy night’s sleep (can I just say that this early daylights savings time is really screwing me up?), I needed a big bowl of comfort food for dinner. I conveniently had a butternut squash and pancetta hanging out in the fridge so I decided to make butternut squash risotto with pancetta. I made a few alterations to the recipe, but I really loved the way this turned out. I’ve tried several butternut squash risotto recipes but this one was nice because it was more rustic and less baby food. The squash was cooked separately from the risotto, in butter and brown sugar, and then folded in at the end. It got nice and caramelized and then I mashed half and let the rest in big chunks. Yummy! (And of course, every meal is better when you’re eating it off of a festive cram cream tray!)


3 responses to “orange and warm

  1. looks delish, girl. 🙂

  2. Shame that Buzzards Bay glass didn’t really have anything of value in it… that dish looks like it needs a good Black Lager.

  3. I hear you on the comfort food, sometimes you just have to have it. You’re butternut squash dish sounds yummy, yeah for you for having unique things in the fridge to even make it in the first place! My food choices seem lame!


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