down by the river

Where has my vacation gone? Geez…the time FLIES!

Wednesday I went to Stillwater with Anna. I’d never been before but Anna promised much good thrifting and antiques. It’s a charming old port town on the St. Croix River with lots of old brick buildings. (Rare in this part of the country.) It reminded me of some of the little mill towns I’ve driven through in the NE. We grabbed lunch at a cute little diner and then made our way to loads of little shops and boy was that exhausting…but our efforts paid off. See?

I *heart* vintage pyrex.

I found this lovely blue and white vintage pyrex at an antique store for $8.50. A little more than I normally pay for pyrex, but it was the perfect size and design. It matches some of the other pyrex I have and it is the perfect salt container for my kitchen. (I like having a lot of salt on hand in the kitchen to season and this holds a good bit and has a nice glass lid.)

And then something completely different….

paul frank x 2

Believe it or not, I found these two (cute!) watches at an antique store for $12/piece. They’re brand new and well, not exactly “antique.” But it was such a deal that I just could NOT resist. Lest you suspect that I’m being greedy…you’re wrong. My lil’ sister is a HUGE Paul Frank fan and so one of these babies is going to her. (Awww…I’m such a good big sis!) Now the hard part will be to figure out which one to keep and which one to send to her. I really like them both!

I had every intention of crafting today but I was busy running errands and cleaning house. Jeff gets in tomorrow! So much to do before then!


One response to “down by the river

  1. I should pay more attention and would have known about your Pyrex love! I have that very dish! 🙂

    Have fun with Jeff. Sorry I’ve been so lame and I promise to write an real email soon.

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