in search of bluer skies

winter in montauk

Jeff got back to Baltimore in a much saner manner than which he came. No crazy delays, no bad weather, no long sprints through airport terminals. I miss him dearly and as if the weather here knew it, the day after he left it was puke grey outside and rainey. Boy was I bummed. Today the sun has returned and my mood has brightened. The weekend is just around the corner, I’m more or less caught up on readings, and I’ll be having afternoon coffee with Anna tomorrow. Speaking of Anna, our recent trip to Stillwater has really rekindled my love for all things pyrex. Specifically of the snowflake and Amish butter print pattern variety. I picked up another small dish in Stillwater on a trip with Jeff and am expecting another two in the mail via ebay auctions. Although gladware most certainly has its place, it’s so nice to look into a fridge and see all my wonderful leftovers in happy little blue and white dishes. I can be really finicky about eating leftovers sometimes so it’s always good to have reasons to encourage me to not waste.

I promise some pictures soon…I also have a bunch of craft projects that are in the works. I’m hoping to get a few of them done this weekend since all things crafty will go into hiding come April b/c of exams and end-of-semester-madness.

Speaking of school, I’ve been spending an unfortunate amount of time in the school library and there are a number of pet peeves that are just driving me batty:
1) sledge-hammer typists–must one really type THAT loudly??
2) library construction–can’t they do this shit over the summer when nobody’s here? and shouldn’t they be fixing the general overhead lighting (which sucks) rather than the shelving lighting, which is rarely used
3) people talking by the study carrels–this is a library, not a coffeeshop, take your damn idle chatter elsewhere
4) people who eat in the library, and are noisy about it. I do not want to hear you chewing and rifling through the eight layers of wax paper/foil/saran wrap that you’ve covered your sandwich with.

Got any pet peeves/grievances you want to share?? Air out your bitchin’ here.


2 responses to “in search of bluer skies

  1. TOTALLY feelin’ you on the whole library thing. i was in the library this afternoon and the librarian was sitting there blathering away like she had no idea where the hell she was!

    then there’s people that, for some reason, scream when they sneeze…ugh…don’t get me started.

  2. I’m just getting into the Pyrex thing too.

    I’ve got too many pet peeves to share here!

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