burning the candle on both ends

Well, yet another weekend flies by and as usual, all the work gets pushed back until the very last minute. (Hence the 2:30 AM post.)

Here’s a summary of the weekend:

PROS (+)

  • kickass weather (+)
  • being able to wear flip flops again (+)
  • going to a friend’s birthday party (+)
  • catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while (+)
  • sushi with Erica (+)
  • coffee with Anna (+)

CONS (-)

  • law review edits that kept me at school til 2 AM (-)
  • annoying calls from Citibank after an online payment got screwed up (-) [let this to be a lesson to us all…never, ever be late on a credit card payment….even a couple of days!]
  • lack of time = high pressure crafting = frustration with the final product (double -)
    • too ashamed to post pics of it here… (sniffle, sniffle)
  • lack of $$$ (-) (although this was not the cause of my late payment!)
  • mysterious lower back pains that had me incapacitated and grumpy for most of Saturday (-)

So after some complicated mathematics, it appears that the weekend was, all in all, pretty ok, which is about all I can ask for when I’m in “law school mode.” We shall see how awesome I feel tomorrow in court on four hours of sleep. I suppose this is supposed to be great practice for the “real world,” right? (Or at least that’s what they tell me….)

One response to “burning the candle on both ends

  1. the real world isn’t nearly as concentrated with assholes as law school is. day to day life may not be much easier… but its a lot easier to deal with.

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