struck a nerve

I can tell I’ve become acclimated to Minnesota. Today it was 81 degrees and this was the first time in months that I’ve broken a sweat for non-snow-shoveling reasons. I got home a lot earlier than expected and did some much needed vegging. Now if only I could actually catch up on sleep. (I’m not much of a napper these days.)

But it wasn’t all laziness….

four-strand brioche

I’ve been itching to make brioche for weeks no but haven’t quite been able to muster up the time or the motivation. It came out a little darker than I’d expected which is why I’m rather glad that I underestimated the baking time. I’m beginning to think my oven’s off by, oh about, 100 degrees. Fine if you’re roasting vegetables and stuff but a disaster when baking. Anyway, the recipe was from Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.” It’s delicious, has nice crumb, and is marvelous with a little dollop of raspberry jam. I adore Bittman’s method of breadmaking, all done in a food processor, and virtually no kneading. I know that everyone and their mother has now sworn by the no knead bread, but at the moment I don’t have anything large enough + oven safe to bake with. I expect to have this problem resolved soon since a sturdy cast iron pot will be here shortly. I see much fried chicken and no knead bread in my future.

I’ve had significantly less luck crafting…as a percentage, I’d say I probably invest more energy into my crafting than to anything else non-craft related but lately I feel like I have very little to show for it. I think my ideas grossly outpace the time I actually have to make stuff. Anyway, I did manage to crank out something that I’m happy with and is pretty functional. I wanted something small, casual, and easy to tote around for just everyday kind of stuff. After sifting through fabrics and doing a little doodling, cutting, and sewing, I got this:

Basically the flap is just the overhang from the body of the bag. Keeps stuff in but doesn’t need a fussy zipper or button. The bag isn’t terribly long but I find that the contrasting fabric with its vertical lines give it the appearance of being much longer than it actually is.

It has finally gotten cooler so I’m off to catch up on some reading. Leave it to me to pick the hottest day of the year so far to bake bread….


2 responses to “struck a nerve

  1. ok, so i have to ask…forgive the dorkiness, but where did you get your book shelf???

  2. I’ve been baking my no-knead in a large standard-weight ceramic bowl. The end result takes on an interesting shape, but is delicious enough to override its aesthetic shortcomings.

    Bryanna Clark Grogan has a nice little write-up with notes on her website.

    ~ Rachel (friend of Jeff)

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